Taiwan International Advanced Sinus Dissection Course

15 February to 16 February 2019 - Lukang, Taiwan

Two full days with short lectures for introduction, master dissection and guided dissection by the participants

  • Welcome, introduction and hand-outs, systematic approach to equipment and instruments
  • Nasal endoscopy, preparatory surgical steps, DCR
  • Uncinectomy / infundibulotomy, middle meatal antrostomy, anterior ethmoidectomy, frontal sinus drainage type I, IIa, exposure of the anterior ethmoidal artery
  • Dissection of sphenopalatine artery
  • Posterior ethmoidectomy, naso-septal flap, sphenoidotomy (transnasal / transethmoidal / transethmoidal-transnasal) Orbital decompression, optic nerve decompression, medialization of the medial rectus muscle
  • Prelacrimal approach maxillary sinus
  • Dissection of pterygopalatine fossa (pterygoid nerve, maxillary nerve, foramen rotundum, greater palatine nerve, pharyngeal artery), transpterygoidal extension of the sphenoidotomy
  • Frontal sinus drainage type III, difficult frontal sinus
  • Transcribriform approach anterior skull base, nasoseptal flap, reverse flap,
  • Extended approach anterior skull base (exposure of the internal carotid artery, cavernous sinus, pituitary gland)

* One whole specimen is available for two participants (one side at disposal for each participant). Dissection is done on a rotating basis.